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White Crinkle Paper Shred Bulk Filler in All Sizes

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1/2lb, 1lb, 2lb, and 10lb available


White decor and gift wrapping is common for weddings, Easter, Christmas and baby showers. Though it can really work for any occasion. 

The color white conveys a sense of freshness, peace, and serenity. Packaging designers use white with contrasting colors like black, navy, or gray to create dramatic effects or pair it with neutral tones like ivory, kraft, or yellow.  

For a little extra glam and glitter check out our white and gold crinkle paper.

Use white crinkle cut shredded paper to create contrast with dark or bold items. Great for filling bold and colorful shipping boxes to avoid mismatched hues. 

White crinkle paper makes an excellent background for metal gifts, ornate sculptures, wine, dark colored ceramics, and more colorful gift items. 

White is the perfect blank canvas for your gift creativity!


White Crinkle Paper Bulk

Buy our white crinkle cut paper in 10 lb bulk boxes for weddings and other events. Use gift basket filler bulk in multiple ways for the same event to stretch your decorating dollar. 

Centerpieces are a breeze when you have white crinkle paper, glass vases, fairy lights, and your choice of flowers. 

Use crinkle paper as matching table sprinkles to tie the decor together. 

White crinkle paper in voile organza gift bags is an elegant way to gift jewelry, bridesmaid gifts, and wedding favors.

And of course you’ll want to put together gorgeous matching bridesmaids gift boxes!

The possibilities are endless


Why Choose White?

White matches everything. 

I know you’re tempted to think of white as “plain” but there’s nothing boring about this classic color.

Although white isn’t a common “favorite color” it is the most common favorite color for interior room decor. That’s because the best way to bring a design together is to start with a neutral base. 

The same is true for designing gift packaging. Starting with a white base is the easiest way to ensure your gift baskets and boxes won’t clash.  

Whether you’re planning a large event or sending out subscription boxes for your small business you’ll already have a million details to worry about. Do the smart thing and start with white to simplify everything. 

You can always add more contrasting pops of color with ribbons, bows, stickers, cellophane, and organza bags. 

White is not “basic” it’s just your base.

Why Choose Crinkle Cut Paper?

The accordion shape of crinkle cut paper envelopes your fragile items in a springy cushion that keeps them safe for packing and shipping. The texture of the paper is what creates this cushion.

You don't have to sacrifice an attractive and elegant unboxing experience to protect your products. And you don't have to break the bank. 

Attractive and protective void fill is earth friendly and affordable. 

White for our Feathered and Furry Friends

If you’re packing gift baskets this section is not for you. 

Many people use paper shreds as a bird foraging toy or bedding for small mammals such as hamsters and ferrets. 

White is an excellent choice for pet toys and pet bedding because you will easily be able to see if your pet has gotten sick or injured. The light color allows the best contrast with any stains your pet may leave behind. 

Our white crinkle paper is 100% natural and does not contain any chemical additives or dyes. 
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    Wonderful, exactly what I was looking for and great customer service. I’ll be back!

    Kelly White

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    Best deal ever

    Shipping was fast. Product is a real red and not faded, price is fantastic.

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    A lil more plum than burgundy, but shipped quickly and is great quality. Thank you!

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    I ordered 3 different colors. Each color came boxed separately, those three colors were then combined into one case for shipping. Those were all great shipping. All shred was very clean. For that I thank you!