Kraft brown crinkle paper
Kraft crinkle paper
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brown crinkle paper
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Kraft Brown Crinkle Cut Shredded Paper in All Sizes

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Sizes Available: 1/2lb, 1lb, 2lb, 10lb, 40lb


Material: Recycled Paper

Color: Kraft

Occasion: Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Christmas, Easter

Kraft is the original paper color.

The words kraft and brown are used interchangeably to describe the same natural brown crinkle paper.

This natural paper is the color of wood pulp or cardboard. Our kraft crinkle paper is made of 100% recycled paper and is not treated with any dyes or chemicals. 

Kraft crinkle cut paper is a neutral color typically associated with Fall and Winter.

Each piece of brown crinkle shred is 1/8” wide and about 8” long. Crinkle paper is folded into an accordion shape that acts like a spring to cushion products. This keeps fragile items safely padded in a decorative nest. 

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Neutral browns are an elegant backdrop for almost any design style but work especially well with color schemes from nature.

Pair kraft with bright blues and turquoise to draw out the colors of earth and sky, or sand and ocean. 

Picture the rustling leaves and swaying trunks of the magical deep forest as you highlight this background with shades of green.

Light brown with purple or lavender showcases the natural colors of Amethyst for a holistic feminine gift basket full of natural health items. 

If you blend the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) what you get is brown. That’s why brown crinkle paper fill matches every color.

Kraft is the best choice when filling gift baskets for men. Draw on tobacco, whiskey and oiled leather for inspiration.

Kraft with yellow is a friendly and inviting combination that can pass as either retro or contemporary. It’s perfect “hipster” decorating combination.

For Fall gift baskets pair kraft crinkle with deep oranges, pale yellows, and bright reds to mirror autumn leaves. Fill with flavors and scents of pumpkin spice, brown sugar, soap, cinnamon, and apple.

Come Winter and the holiday season switch it up with classic reds, green, white and traditional holiday scents like ginger, cinnamon, cranberry, and peppermint.


What to use Kraft Crinkle Paper for

Kraft crinkle paper shred is a favorite for gifting gourmet foods, liqueurs, and wines. 

Kraft material is commonly associated with food service and the color brown is known to stimulate the appetite. Combine the two with your eye for design to cushion food products in 

Although our crinkle kraft paper is not FDA approved for direct food contact it makes a great backdrop for individually wrapped desserts or fruits with rinds.

It is also the most popular choice for cushioning homemade soaps and bath bombs for shipping.

Brown crinkle cut paper shred kraft helps you give gifts with the essence of wholesomeness, reliability, healing, warmth, and honesty. 

Unlike cheap confetti this recycled paper in a dependable classic color evokes feelings of comfort and ease.

This paper has a variety of uses and matches every holiday color scheme. Pair it with any color of ribbon or gift box.  

Kraft crinkle paper is most commonly used for gift baskets, subscription boxes, and shipping fragile items such as bath bombs and sugar cookies.

Kraft accordion cut paper is an elegant decoration for baby showers and gender reveal parties to provide a gender neutral backdrop to the big news.  

It’s easy to reuse kraft crinkle paper from package to package.

If your business ships subscription boxes be certain to tell your customers that they can reuse this recycled gift packing material.

Kraft crinkle paper also makes great bedding and nesting material for small mammals.

When you’re done reusing your paper shreds you can add them to your garden or compost. Natural recycled paper adds volume and carbon to a healthy compost pile. Shredded paper helps retain soil moisture and is great for worms.

For those who scrapbook as a hobby this material is acid free and makes a terrific embellishment.

Bulk Crinkle Paper Brown

Our kraft crinkle paper is available in large 10Ib and 40lb boxes 

Large 10lb boxes measure 24”x16”x12”

Extra large 40lb boxes measure 23 5/8" x 17 5/8” x 39 1/2”

Wholesale and business pricing is available.

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Kraft Brown Crinkle Cut Shredded Paper in All Sizes

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